There are three tiers of weird -- weird, weirder and weirdest. Somewhere, miles beyond weirdest, is the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on i95.

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We may be weird, but we have fun, and we like to take people along for the ride. A ride that extends beyond just the radio and onto social media. These are some of the strangest, oddest and funniest moments from the Ethan and Lou Show on YouTube and Instagram.

1. Silverback Gorilla 

Lou Milano

I've been doing a secret Silverback Gorilla impression for my family for years. In 2015, I took it out of the darkness and into the light of day for our YouTube audience. It's just too bad my camera man is Mr. Magoo (Ethan Carey).

2. Mark Boughton Exits Mayor's Office, Lou Milano Flips Out 

Lou Milano

In 2020, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton announced he would leave City Hall in the middle of his term to accept an appointment as CT Tax Commissioner under Governor Ned Lamont. I did not take the news sitting down. I hastily made a protest sign, grabbed my tripod and went to the Mayor's office. What happened next was about 45 minutes of the most rambling incoherent nonsense you will ever hear in your life. This is just part of it.

We did it Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and I think Twitter that day I think we only missed Twitch and Snapchat which are two of Mark's favorite platforms but we didn't want him to see us coming.

3. Chiefing 

Youtube- I-95

"Chiefing" is slang for getting high on the weed. We said it a ton in this short skit about workplace drug use for our Youtube Channel.

4. Lisa Lampanelli Shreds Lou's relationship Skills

Joey Ech

"The Queen of Mean" was the nickname Comedian Lisa Lampanelli earned from her notorious appearances on Comedy Central roasts. Lisa is a friend of the Ethan and Lou Show and makes her way into the studio once a year. Lampanelli is no longer a mean queen or a comedian. She traded both titles to give inspirational speeches to folks who struggle with self image and weight. That said, if you are born funny like Lisa, you can't undo it. You also can't take decades of roast experience and not ever use those tools at all. Lisa used her observational skills and roast master mentality to make make me squirm in 2019. The by March of 2021, Lisa was back and finally willing to admit she likes the show and more important, me.

5. Bizarre Halloween Street Sex 

Lou Milano - Youtube

If you don't see the video below it's because you are not logged into Youtube. You have not yet proven to them that you are 18 years of age or older. You need to prove to them that your brain is emotionally strong enough to watch a grown man perform a fake sex act on a Halloween mannequin on the side of the road in Danbury, CT.

6. Dancing for Cans


What is weird about a grown man dancing? Nothing, unless it's on the side of a busy, four lane road, on a Wednesday in November while dressed like a mime. Weird is welcome on the Ethan and Lou Show and we were happy to get weird with the man many refer to as "The Danbury Dancing Man" at our Camping for Cans food drive in 2015. This dude got a ton of attention which was the point and that attention led directly to food and cash donations that helped families in need. Thank you again, thank you always "Dancing Man!" The real weird part was watching Ethan Carey watch him dance.

7. Bennigan's is Torn Down 

Lou Milano

A defunct Bennigan's restaurant had sat vacant for years on Federal Road in Danbury. The place became seriously rundown and it was an eyesore that had Hat City residents complaining loudly. I know because I was one of the people complaining but on March 23, 2021 the building was officially torn down, I was there, I captured this video and broke the story.

Joey Ech - Youtube

Hollywood actor David Arquette is best known for his role as Deputy Dewey in the "Scream" Horror movie series. His sisters are also very famous actresses and David had his marriage to Courtney Cox play out in the worlds tabloid magazines. What some people don't know about David is, he's a pro wrestling fanatic and he's let that fan mentality run amok. David has broken into the pro wrestling world a few times over the years, and last time he came on our show to promote it. In 2018, David was in studio to talking up his wrestling match with "King" Brian Anthony. This is one of the oddest interviews I've ever had the pleasure of conducting. .

9. The Uncle Sam Speech 

Joey Ech

In 2019 a piece of Danbury, CT history was officially back at home. The ginormous Uncle Sam statue used to stand tall over the Danbury Fairgrounds. When the Fair was no more the statue was sold and spent decades in Lake George, NY as an amusement park attraction. After all that time, the statue was coming home and to be permanently installed  in front of the Danbury Railway Museum. The homecoming would have never been possible without private donations and the tireless work of many. I did not make a donation, nor did I do anything to bring the statue back, but that did not stop me from publically taking credit for it. On July 25, 2019, at 2:00 pm, then Mayor Boughton was to do a dedication speech and cut the ribbon on the statue. I did my speech at 8:00 am.

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Danbury Bennigan's Building Gets Torn Down

Bennigan's Restaurant has been closed for many years in Danbury, Connecticut but the building has remained empty. Hat City residents have had to stare at the eyesore for far too long in a prominent location at 106 Federal Road. Today, (3/23/21) the building was taken down and I-95 was there to witness it and captures these exclusive images.

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