Connecticut carries a national reputation for being fancy and perhaps a bit pretentious.

However, residents here understand that this stereotype isn't entirely accurate, though it didn't just appear out of thin air. We do boast some upscale corners of Connecticut, and that often translates to exceptional dining experiences. The Nutmeg State is absolutely spoiled when it comes to culinary offerings, so when we talk about the best restaurants in the area, these places truly stand out as elite.

8 Award Winning Restaurants Considered the Best in Connecticut

Every year, CT Visit, Connecticut's tourism arm, releases their list of the top restaurants in the state. With one selection from each of Connecticut's 8 counties, these establishments truly represent the cream of the crop. Take a look at CT's 8 Best Restaurants.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Fine dining is an elusive thing when you are a parent of four children. Dining in general is something you do between cleaning your home and chasing your kids. So, when I hear about places like this I'm so jealous of the people who actually get to take a seat and fill up with some of the best food around.

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I would settle for sitting down, that is what I call a good meal. I'd also like to eat dinner without answering questions, every time I take a bite. I'd love the opportunity to swallow my food without having to yell at someone while I'm chewing. Basically, I need to take my food into my bedroom closet and eat in the dark.

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12 Alarming Surprises For New Yorkers Moving To Connecticut

Since COVID-19, we have seen a lot of New York City residents seeking shelter right here in Connecticut. The evidence is all around us but it's particularly evident in the housing market, there are fewer available units every week. If you're headed to Connecticut from NYC there are at least 12 big surprises coming your way.

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