When your average American thinks of danger, I doubt Connecticut comes to mind at all.

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If you asked most people around the country to list some of the most dangerous places, they'd never even think to mention CT. While the Constitution State does not rank at first glance, the unfortunate truth is, there are some very dangerous places in CT.

Every year, there are a variety of published reports about the most dangerous cities in Connecticut. Some take their crime stats from the FBI, others look at CT.Gov reports and then there are reader polls.

Many times the cited stats are from the year prior or several years prior. I like to look at all of them to get the clearest picture possible. Recently, I saw an informal poll on the CT Reddit page, asking users in the thread to decide which is the most dangerous city in CT and they gave the following options; Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury, Norwalk/Stamford and New London/Willimantic.

Two days before the poll closed (the day I saw it), these were the results:

1. Bridgeport - 235
2. Waterbury - 165
3. Hartford - 136
4. New Haven - 72
5. New London/Willimantic - 19
6. Norwalk/Stamford - 8

In 2022, my company posted a list of CT's Most Dangerous Cities, these were the results then:

1. Hartford
2. New Haven
3. Bridgeport
4. Waterbury
5. New Britain
6. Stamford
7. Bloomfield

7 of The Most Dangerous Cities to Be in Connecticut After Dark

What are CT's Most Dangerous Cities? To get there, I went back to see prior lists and then took a look see what published reports had come out already for 2023. The most recent was from a company called House Grail. Like so many companies today, they used third party data to develop reports that we'll all read. The more people that read it, the more look into their business. As a consumer (a set of eyeballs) I think it is one of the most effective and digestible marketing tools. The statistics they shared come from FBI. These are 7 of The Most Dangerous Cities to Be in Connecticut After Dark: 

Whatever list you choose to believe, the message is bad news for CT. I think it's worth noting that many of the folks in the Reddit thread seemed to say Hartford was really bad, even when being compared to Bridgeport.

We talked about this on the I-95 Morning Show, Wednesday (2/22/23), listen below.


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