Danbury, CT is my kinda town. It is, in fact, my town. It's my adopted home. I have learned a lot about this city since moving here a few years back. You can definitely tell if someone is from here. Here are just a few ways to tell someone is from Danbury:

  • Their car is in the shop more than it's on the road — Danbury is the city that unapologetically features THOUSANDS of potholes that are more than dangerous to your tires, suspension, front end, tie rod, etc.
  • They know a good barber — Danbury has about one barber shop PER block. If your hair is not tight and right in this city, that is on you. No excuses.
  • Danbury residents can point you in the right direction if you need a bottle of some delicious alcohol. Danbury has two liquor stores PER block.
  • Danbury people pronounce Padanaram Rd. correctly on the first try — Anyone who lives outside of Danbury needs instruction, assistance, and 9-10 takes.
  • Residents of Danbury have Empanadas in their refrigerator at this very moment — Fantastic, delicious Spanish food is everywhere in this town. The Empanadas are, for sure, available at many locations, and you are going to have a hard time finding a bad one.
  • They are always late - Danbury people want to be on time, they just can't. It takes 25 minutes to cross the city when it should take 5. This is because of the INSANE traffic.

If you have any other signs someone is from Danbury, go ahead and share.

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