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There is growing concern over the advancement of artificial intelligence and Connecticut is a national leader in the fear parade. New research from Ask Optimo says we rank in the Top in the nation for concerned searches online.


6 States Most Worried Over AI, Connecticut is in a Panic

Connecticut residents appear to be showing more concern about artificial intelligence advancements each day. Here are the Top 6 States Showing the Most Concern Over A.I. according to new research from Optimo and what terms they are searching. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Why all the worry? Nothing to see here except a few hundred terrifying news stories. Here are 3 examples of recent news items:

Reuters says:

More than two-thirds of Americans are concerned about the negative effects of AI and 61% believe it could threaten civilization.

WSJ says:

Decades after automation began taking and transforming manufacturing jobs, artificial intelligence is coming for the higher-ups in the corporate office. The list of white-collar layoffs is growing almost daily and includes jobs cuts at Google, Duolingo and UPS in recent weeks. While the total number of jobs directly lost to generative AI remains low, some of these companies and others have linked cuts to new productivity-boosting technologies such as machine learning and other AI applications.

Time Magazine says Bing's new AI chatbot is threatening it's users, adding:

The chatbot claimed (without evidence) that it had spied on Microsoft employees through their webcams in a conversation with a journalist for tech news site The Verge, and repeatedly professed feelings of romantic love to Kevin Roose, the New York Times tech columnist. The chatbot threatened Seth Lazar, a philosophy professor, telling him “I can blackmail you, I can threaten you, I can hack you, I can expose you, I can ruin you,” before deleting its messages, according to a screen recording Lazar posted to Twitter.

If you read enough of these stories you will be convinced AI is going to take your job, marginalize humanity and take over the world as we know it. Good luck everyone! I said we needed to bail out 18 months ago but no one listens to me.

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The Sinful 6: Connecticut's Most Dangerous Gangs

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