It's a mother's worst nightmare. Deserea Morris stopped at a convenience store in Wolcott around 11:30 PM this past Sunday leaving her sleeping 5-year-old daughter in the vehicle along with her 11-year-old son, who was on crutches, according to a news report on

Minutes later, another car pulls up next to Morris's vehicle, jumps out, and gets behind the wheel of the mother's car. The 11-year-old managed to climb out of his mom's car and began chasing it with a cast on his leg as the suspect sped away.

Can you even begin to imagine what Deserea Morris was thinking when she witnessed her vehicle being driven away with her daughter inside? It had to be a nightmare scenario.

The Wolcott Police Department immediately sprang into action and issued an all-points bulletin along with an Amber Alert. After a two-hour search, the police located the vehicle with the 5-year-old girl still sound asleep in her car seat.  

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Morris did admit she learned a valuable lesson and told WFSB that from now on; she will always bring her kids with her when she stops at a store. Wolcott police are searching for the two suspects.

About 15-years-ago, I made a quick stop at Video Island in New Fairfield. I was inside the shop for no longer than five minutes, and when I got back into my car, someone had reached in and ripped off my briefcase.

Obviously what happened to me is not nearly as horrible as a cretin stealing your car with a child inside. Unfortunately, even in a sleepy little town like New Fairfield, there are still evil individuals just waiting to take advantage of your mistakes.

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