It’s that time of year, you will gather around chestnuts (no you won’t) and watch a film with your family while wearing itchy sweaters.

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This becomes a difficult decision, most of the year you make your film sections for just two people, or even better, for one. It’s rare that you have to choose a movie for four, five or six people with different preferences and if your family is like mine, it’s going to be a battle.

5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen Before

We all know that selecting a movie for a group of people is not easy and that is how you found yourself here, asking advice from an angry radio personality. On paper, I’m not fit to make decisions for myself, let alone an entire group of strangers. But, you are in the right place because to quote Dwight Schrute “I know everything about film, I’ve seen over 240 of them.”

You’ve found yourself at a common roadblock, one or more of your family members have decided they want to watch a movie they’ve never seen before. You suggested “Elf” and someone said, “not again”, you said we can watch “Home Alone” and someone groaned “nooooo.”

What Christmas movie can you watch that you’ve never seen before? These are 5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen. 

I’m sorry if you didn’t find a long list of movies for “the family.” The fact of the matter is  things that are safe for all ages are typically pretty boring. What they say is true, you can’t be all things to all people. It’s not easy to be truly entertaining and appropriate for the family.

You could do what my wife and I do, treat your kids like short people, instead of angels whose ears you need to protect from naughty words. I’m not telling you how to raise your kids, I’m just going to tell you what seems to work with mine.

When there is a questionable moment, we pause the movie and answer the kids questions, honestly. If there are “bad words,” we allow for laughter and remind the kids, that talking like that makes people believe you are too stupid to use more complex words.

We say "constant swearing makes people think you are dumb; do you want people to think you are dumb?” We even give the kids a grace period to say the bad word in our house only, and that offer expires after the movie is over.

The most amazing thing has happened with my kids, this has worked. It’s not new, we’ve been doing this since they were seven years old. My children have never been in trouble for foul language, they’ve never acted out an offensive act they’ve seen on screen and they elevate their vocabulary beyond what is typical (yes, I'm bragging). My wife and I don’t have all the answers but I’m pretty sure we got this one right.

The Ref

Four Christmases 

The Night Before 


Office Christmas Party 

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