I know that I am not making any new friends after this article and I may even lose some dear ones, I don't care, it's high time the truth was told. Heaps of praise and love have been showered on these characters and a lot that praise is undeserved. Here are the  five Disney characters I think have been getting away with murder in the court of public opinion for far too long. A deeper examination of their personalities and circumstances will lead us to the truth, they stink.

You might notice a theme with the dudes on the list, they are soft as baby doo-doo. Rafiki should have hit Simba harder with that stick. Our lady friend, however, is cold as ice, just a tiny little spite machine. Someone should have called pest control and saved you, me and Wendy a lot of trouble.

If you disagree with any of what I've said here, just give it time. My upcoming list of underrated Disney characters may open your eyes. That one will be positive and enthusiastic about the different personalities. I'll be propping these characters up and shining a light on them that may help you see them in a different way. Maybe after that exhaustive deep-dive compare and contrast, this list will have a softer landing. Maybe not? Who cares, the world is melting, act accordingly.

P.S. I had to look at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video to construct this work of art. Now that song will play on repeat in my head like clown music until I end up in a room somewhere staring out the window shouting; "My name is Bob!" 

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