Spring Break is officially out of control. First, the country was buzzing about "The Joker" showing up in Miami, throwing cash, waving the star n' stripes and shouting "Covid's Over," Now this...

According to The Smoking Gun, on Saturday afternoon, a 40-year-old Florida couple is alleged to have had relations in front of the veterans memorial in Miami Beach.

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Police say a 48-year-old guy named Grant Mulder from Largo and 41-year-old woman named Lauren Baugh were getting it on in front of the veterans memorial in the middle of the day.

Cops report they arrived on scene around 1:45 and found Lauren lying on her back while Grant performed an act on her. Mulder faces charges of lewd and lascivious behavior and Baugh has been charged with exposure of sexual organs.

I guess nothing can stop Spring Break, it's a force in America and young people are not going to miss their chance to "blow it out," even if those young people happen to be in their 40's and live in Florida.

The Hill

The Mayor should just give up but he has to appear to have things under control. Dan, you don't, it's melting all around you. When all is said and done, you will be the Mayor of a ball of wax covered in lingerie, antibiotic and COVID juices.

  • Florida, why not?
  • Florida, because drugs
  • Florida, at least you'll be warm when people commit crimes on you
  • Florida, dinosaurs, meth and sunburn
  • Florida you say?

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