Four years ago today: From November 15, into November 16, 2018 Connecticut residents were digging out of a massive, early season snowstorm.

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I was reminded of this in the most unusual place, the CT Reddit page. I was cruising through yesterday and found a post titled: "Do you remember where you were during the ice storm 4 years ago today (November 15, 2018)?"

Some of the comments came from people who could not recall the event but most people remembered it with vivid detail. One user that goes by Jets237 had it etched in their mind, sharing the following story:

"yep, remember it well. I was travelling for work around Chicago while my wife was home with our 8 month old. We live in Stamford and she worked downtown, our son went to daycare 10 mins away from her office. She left work at 3 because of the ice and didn't get to our son until 7... an hour after daycare closed because she couldn't make it up hill to get from downtown to the Glenbrook /Springdale area. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon trying to calm my wife down via phone as she lost it. The most stressful weather issue I didn't take part in."

I do recall an early winter blasting about 4 years ago but I wasn't clear if I was confusing the time frame, it turns out I was not. Between Nov 15-16 in 2018 we got blasted with snow and ice in the Nutmeg State. says the Tri-State area got between 1 and 18 inches, depending where you were. Seeing as most of us were unprepared, it caused a ton of of issues, including:

  • Over 1,000 flights were canceled at Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark airports on Thursday.
  • Hundreds of trees were brought down by heavy snow across the region with over 150 down in New York City alone.
  • A 20 car accident backed up traffic on the George Washington Bridge which had a cascading effect on other roads. Numerous other accidents were reported across the Tri-State area.
  • There were system-wide delays and cancellations on the Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit and Metro North Railroad.

An excerpt from a 2018 article in the CT post at the time reads:

"As heavy snow falls, a Trumbull police officer investigates a minor accident at the entrance to the Merritt Parkway at Park Ave in Trumbull, Conn., on Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018. The snow which started falling in the later afternoon, caused many cars to be stuck along Park Ave and other roads around the area."

The Hartford Courant from November 16, 2018 says the storm "broke records" for CT for the time of year.

An ABC News Report from November 16, 2022 says:

"The rough weather has contributed to at least seven deaths in the U.S., The Associated Press said. In Connecticut, a man was shoveling snow off his car on Interstate-95 when another car spun out of control and hit him, the state police said."

As I'm writing this (11/15/22 at 12:07 pm), I'm told we are looking at snow in the forecast tonight, into tomorrow so by the time you read this, we may have some new snow.

UPDATE: (4:44 am - 11/16/22) - No snow! We did it y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooo Hooo!

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Stay safe out there on this chaotic cycle we call life.

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