I love to see rivals team up for a good cause. The confectionary/chocolate business is very competitive here in Connecticut. Greater Waterbury is home to many masters of the sweet art of crafting chocolate. Easterseals of Greater Waterbury just struck up a deal with 4 of my favorite local sweet shops. If you're crazy about chocolate and feel like helping out a local non-profit with a donation, there's a fundraiser that I'd like to tell you about.

Easterseals of Greater Waterbury has struck up a deal with Waterbury's Sweet Maria's, Fascia's Chocolates, Wolcott's CC's Chocolates, and Meriden's Thompson's Chocolates and we get the sweet benefits of their work with a monetary donation. Through March 31, 2021, in return for a $50 donation to Easterseals of Greater Waterbury, you'll get a sampler box filled with treats donated from the four Gods of chocolate.

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I've eaten Fascia's Chocolates all of my life and they're very very good. Sweet Maria's is not so much known for her chocolates, per se, but my God, does she know how to use it, I'm sure that whatever she donates will be well made. I've had Thompson Chocolates, they're one of Connecticut's and America's first chocolatiers, they've been in Meriden since 1879. The only one I haven't tried is CC's in Wolcott, but that will change soon.

Easterseals of Greater Waterbury has been serving people with disabilities and special needs for over 60 years. All proceeds from this chocolate fundraiser will fund programs and services provided by Easterseals to individuals and families facing disabilities.

There are a limited number of these special chocolate boxes available, if you are interested in one, click HERE

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