A very impressive display of poise and quick thinking on Saturday morning (February 27) allowed for a satisfying and safe ending to a situation that could've otherwise taken a big turn for the worse at one of Danbury's most prominent local businesses.

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According to the Danbury Fire Department, the city's fire dispatch received a 911 emergency call just before 8:00 AM on Saturday after a pickup truck went up in flames in the loading dock at Maple Avenue's Omaha Beef Company.

While the Hat City's Bravest were gearing up and making their way to the scene of the fire, one of their own, the Assistant Fire Chief of Northville Fire Department in New Milford, Jason Street, who also happens to be a manager at Omaha Beef Company, reacted quickly, ultimately keeping a chaotic situation under control. Asst. Chief Street immediately hopped into one of the company's fork lifts, scooped up the rear end of the burning pick up truck, and dragged it out of the loading dock area and into the roadway before the fire had an opportunity to spread.

From there, the DFD firefighters responding to the scene had easy access to the blaze, and Danbury engines Rescue 1 and Truck 1 were able to knock it down in short order.

In the meantime, members of the Danbury Police Department set up shop in order to assist in directing traffic in the area of Maple Street, and then towed the charred truck away once the fire was extinguished.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported and as of this writing, the Danbury Fire Marshal's office is investigating the cause and origin of the truck fire.

The Danbury Fire Department was sure to shout out Assistant Fire Chief Jason Street in a social media post, as did his own fire company, Northville Fire Department. "Excellent work from our Assistant Chief," wrote an NFD spokesperson. "It just goes to show things can happen when they’re least expected, but some outside-the-box thinking can make all the difference!"

Truer words have never been written on Facebook, and I'm sure I can speak for a slew of fellow Danbury area residents when I say that while so many of Omaha's products allow for a great barbecue experience, I'm sure glad the barbecuing didn't happen within the building itself.

Here are a few photos from Saturday morning's fire, courtesy of the Danbury Fire Department:

The report of this particular fire comes just two days after a condo fire on Deer Hill Ave. left one person injured. Here's a look at photos from the scene on Wednesday night:

Deer Hill Avenue Condo Fire

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