The man in your life is hard to shop for you say? He has everything? He says he does not want anything? I got you. This is simple, inexpensive, and papa will be more than happy. Buy these four gifts:

1 - Nick Cage T-shirt - 9 Bucks - Amazon - Nick Cage sucks, everyone knows this. He plays himself in every movie. He sucks so bad, that people want to wear the Nick Cage t-shirt as a conversation piece. It's a great way to kick off a discussion about how much Nick Cage sucks.

2 - Darth Vader Oven Mitt - 10 bucks - Amazon - If your man is awesome, he loves Star Wars, and loves cooking up a little something for the family every once in awhile. If both of those things are true, he needs this oven mitt.

3 - Jim Beam Pint - 6-9 bucks - Local Packy - It's a couple of bucks, it's easy to do and you SHOULD get this for him. If you are extra awesome, you encourage him to pour some spirit into his coffee mug right after he opens this gift.

4 - Dundler Mifflin Coffee Mug - 13 bucks - Amazon - I'm a fan of the TV show The Office. I would, for sure, love this mug. If your man is too, get it for him. If he is not, there are funny mugs for every personality.

Get these four gifts for a grand total of no more than 45 bucks, and the man in your life will be happy. That is a Lou Milano guarantee.

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