The manufacturer of BIC Lighters is reportedly going to slash over 25 Connecticut jobs.

This Milford, CT based plant is responsible for making refills for the lighters and while over a million lighters were made every day, sales have been low across the globe recently. One would have to wonder if this is a result of fewer people smoking these days, right? You'd have to assume that fewer people smoking = lighters sold. The CT Post reports that manufacturing may be moved to a region where production costs are lower (surprise, surprise).

Many of the employees that were cut were given an opportunity to take advantage of early retirement offers, according to the CT Post article, but no real specific information was given out about those packages. To date, 18 people have accepted the company says. The Department of labor has stepped in to try to help workers interested in relocating. The United State corporate headquarters for BIC is in Shelton, Connecticut with a total of approximately 750 employees.

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