16-year-old Luke Izzo is being called "a remarkable human being" and "a young man with a great heart" by Joel Leyden, the owner of vaccineangel.com, after raving about the work Izzo has done finding and booking hundreds of vaccine appointments, according to an article to ctinsider.com.

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'Vaccine Angels' hunts down thousands of COVID vaccination appointments for people who have a difficult time finding one or are having difficulty navigating the websites to find an appointment on their own. Here's a direct quote from their FB page,

We will provide help for making appointments for vaccine shots, collect and share info about places where we can receive excess vaccine. We are not jumping in line. We are saving excess COVID vaccines from being disposed of. We are saving lives. No personal attacks, no advertising, no national politics, no anti-vaxers.
Luke Izzo is one of the youngest volunteers working for the "New York/Connecticut Vaccine Hunters and Angels" group on FB, where he started out hunting down excess vaccines but now finds and schedules appointments.
Nancy Kaplan sings Luke Izzo's praises because she had to find a vaccine for her young adult son. The Kaplan family were traveling to Iowa to witness their daughter's graduation from veterinary school and Nancy learned that many people don't wear masks, so she turned to the New York/Connecticut Vaccine Hunters and Angels group on Facebook, where Izzo found an appointment in plenty of time for the trip.

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