Say it isn't so! We may be in for a french fry shortage in the near future.

I absolutely love french fries! How do you like to dress your fries? French fries slathered with ketchup and sprinkled with salt and pepper is my game but maybe for not much longer. According to the website, along with many other sources, the 2019 U.S. potato crop has dropped by 3 billion pounds due to the country's wet weather.

Because of the demand for these tantalizing fried slices of Idaho taters, supply may not be able to meet the demand so I thought maybe a list of some of the restaurants in the greater Danbury area that serve up the best french fries would be in order.

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    J.K's Family Restaurant - Danbury

    Spanning four generations over 80 years, JK's is the quintessential 'hot dogs and fries' restaurant. The crispy fries are cooked just right and they go perfectly with their Texas Hot Weiners.

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    Five Guys - New Milford, Brookfield, and Newtown

    When the 'Five Guys' New Milford location opened up I had to taste for myself why so many humans were fanatical about their fries.

    When I dipped my hand into the Five Guy's bag o' fires I immediately understood the infatuation. These fries, made with 100% cholesterol-free peanut oil were so amazing, I dared not to smear them with ketchup because these fries are in a class all by themselves.

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    The Cue Restaurant and Catering - Danbury

    Upscale barbecue is the name of the game at The Cue in Danbury but I've also discovered that this unique restaurant also offers dressed up fries and they are to die for.

    These fries are hand-cut and come in four different varieties: truffle parm, crab seasoned, garlic salt, and manchego-bacon. I go crab seasoned all day long!

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    Heibeck's Stand - Wilton

    Heibeck's roadside stand has been serving up burgers, dogs, and fries since 1931. Lobster rolls are their specialty and your hand-cut french fry choices are traditional straight cut, curly, sweet potato, and seasoned fries all made perfectly!

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    The Red Rooster Drive-In - Brewster, NY

    Since 1963, the Red Rooster Drive-In on Rt. 22 in Brewster has been serving some of the best road food in the tri-state area.

    No fancy food here, just simple burgers, dogs, fried chicken, and crispy delicious fries that go with anything and are perfect for ketchup dipping.

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    The Sycamore Drive-In Restaurant - Bethel

    The Sycamore is another legendary restaurant in greater Danbury that's been a landmark in Bethel since 1948. As you walk in you're transported back into a 1950's vibe.

    The fries are crispy and delicious and are fried in 100% cholesterol-free cooking oil. Curly and sweet potato fries are also available.

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    Little Pub - Wilton,

    Not to be confused with the Little Pub that closed in Ridgefield, this one is located at 26 Danbury Rd. (Rt. 7) in Wilton.

    Everything on their unique menu is outrageous but since we're talking fries, you must try their '3 AM at the Diner Fries' topped with cheddar jack, chopped bacon, and chicken gravy! Yowsa!

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    Three Brothers Diner - Danbury

    Diner fries always seem to stand out at legendary diners like Three Brothers on White St. in Danbury. Go simple with their thin crispy fries smothered in ketchup or go deep and try their French Fries N' Chili which are fries topped with chili and covered with cheddar and Monterey jack cheese.


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    Elmer's Diner - Danbury

    My wife, Mindy and I are frequent flyer customers at Elmer's because of their 'Early Bird' specials. Their 'Stuffed Chicken Walnuts' is to die for but I digress because we're talking french fries.

    Diner fries are the best and Elmer's has all kinds of fries from home fries to curly fries, waffle fries, sweet potato fries, chili cheese fries, and fries with cheese, bacon, and gravy for those watching their weight. And Elmer's is open 24/7.

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    Denmo's Drive-In - Southbury

    Denmo's, one of the areas all-time favorite roadside eateries got its start in 1978 by serving up their split and charred famous Hummels hot dogs at their stand on Main St. in Southbury.

    Take your pick from their french fry menu which includes French Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, Curly Fries, and Sweet Potato Fries.

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