It was most important to me that I got the top 5 right. My approach was to think about removing the character from the movies and imagine what that would look like. After I hit that angle, I of course factored in bad assness, one liners and the action figures I had to have as a kid. I had to honor the younger me. He really knew his stuff and cared a lot.

DISCLAIMER - I may have forced a few newer characters in here. If there is a glaring flaw in this list, that's why. You will see that the list is devoid of droids and morbidly obese gangsters. This may be my undoing. 

10 - Kylo Ren - What the Star Wars Universe does better than any fictional world is providing likable bad guys. Kylo was a breath of fresh, evil air.

9 - Poe Dameron - I think we all knew that a "Han Solo type" would find it's way into the new films. They cast it right, got it right and you are not left feeling like it's a full on copycat.

8 - Lando Calrissian - Billy D. is as smooth as a baby's rear. Lando is even smoother. My dream for retirement is to live in the Cloud City with my best friend Lando.

7 - Yoda - Respect your elders kids. That simple. Don't look at an old person and say what do they know based on their appearance. Even if the person is 2 foot tall and green.

6 - Obi Wan - Same as Yoda, just younger, taller and white not green. Everyone wishes they had a mentor like Obi Wan with a beard. The only thing real life mentor's have in common with Old Ben are the beard.

5 - Luke Skywalker - If people wanted him higher on the list, I could understand that but he is Vanilla compared to the Final Four in my opinion.

4 - Chewbacca - What's he saying? Why's he mad? Who knows, who cares. Dude is 81 feet tall, crazy loyal, covered in beautiful soft hair and enjoys a relaxing game of interstellar chess.

3 - Boba Fett - Bounty Hunter, loyal only to Boba Fett. Brooding bad ass for hire. If I could be anyone other than me, I'd choose me. If I was given a second option, I'd choose Boba Fett.

2 - Han Solo - I should not need to explain this. Everyone wants a piece of Han. He's hated, loved and lusted after.

1 - Darth Vader - We are all Darth Vader, meditate on that.

Critique my list, share your own. GO!

P.S. Anyone who listened to the Ethan and Lou show closely this morning will notice that changes have been made to this list from the original. I reserve the right to do that and pretty much whatever I want. 

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