According to Zillow, the current median home value in Danbury, CT as of Aug 31, 2020 is $312,671. They project that number to move to $328,000 by August 2021. Their graphic shows if you bought your home in March of 2013, it has gained $68,000 in value to date.

The migration to CT should not come as a surprise, with New Yorker's working remotely and fleeing Manhattan in record numbers. On September 2, 2020 Vanity Fair ran a piece about how the "Pandemic is Remaking the Housing Market." They wrote about Brian and Mariella Winthrop who own a home in Roxbury, CT that they rent. The couple claims they have had the home booked since the beginning of the pandemic at $30,000 a month.

No matter what region in CT you read about, the news is "seller's market." On September 23, 2020, NBC Connecticut sited statistics from the Greater Hartford Association of Realtors (GHAR) that claim 832 single-family homes sold in the Hartford area last month, up 24% from last August.

The New Haven Register says housing permits issued throughout the state are up 55% over last year. No matter where you look, the message is the same, people are moving here, home values are rising and new development is coming.

It's great news for the State of CT and existing homeowners throughout the Nutmeg State but not great news for anyone already having a hard time affording to live here. I was priced out before the pandemic. Maybe I'll move to Manhattan and reverse commute.

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