During the Super Bowl, we all learned about the new technology that helps us park our cars without being behind the wheel. But did you know there is a new way to park your ass?

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Lou Milano from the i95 Morning Show with Ethan & Lou is apparently the first and only person to have the innovative new tech. It's known as "Smart Ass," and he unveiled it while interrupting a staff meeting in the conference room at i95. Here's how that went:


"Boston Lou Milano" - Lou Milano

"Boston Tim Sheehan" - Tim Sheehan

"Boston Jackie Dee" - Jackie Dee

"Lady to the right of Boston Tim Sheehan" - Melissa Martino

"Lady to the left of Boston Jackie Dee" - Alyssa Garcia

Direction - Lou Milano & Michael Niebler

Writer - Lou Milano

Editing - Michael Niebler

Storyboard - Michael Niebler

Executive Producer - Joseph Echevarria

Executive Producer - Mike Rich

Camera - Michael Niebler & Morgan Grundman

Delayed production by weeks - Lou Milano & Ethan Carey

Here's the original commercial for reference:

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