What?! No more idiotic and dangerous 'Bird Box" challenge videos?

That's right boys and girl. Looks like YouTube videos of idiots munching on Tide Pods, driving while blindfolded, and even riding a couch being thrown from a third floor apartment window will no longer be allowed on YouTube according to an article in the New York Times and here's a YouTube video that shows you why.

I'm pretty sure the "Bird Box" challenge videos where various nitwits wore blindfolds while attempting to drive a car was the final straw for YouTube. On Tuesday, YouTube issued a statement stating they were "updating its policies" saying:

To make it clear that challenges that can cause death and/or have caused death in some instances, pranks with a perceived danger of serious physical injury and anything that causes children severe emotional distress will not be allowed on the site.

So now what will we do in our spare time if we can't watch people hurting themselves and possibly others while we're laughing hysterically? Some of the videos mentioned in their revised guidelines were the Tide Pod Challenge and the Fire Challenge that landed some children in the hospital.

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