This photo was posted to the Reddit Connecticut page by u/Red_Vienna. The billboard reads:

Your wife is hot...time to get your A/C fixed!


According to the thread comments, this billboard is in CT, I have never seen it or one like it. Some people also make mention that these appear in the State of Vermont. No matter where they are, the folks reacting were not liking it one bit.

Look, it's not funny but the reactions are pretty strong here. Are people offended because they are offended or because it's not funny?

It's a billboard, this is about as good as it gets when it comes to a billboard. People are sharing pictures of it on Reddit, I'm writing about it, it's working for what it's supposed to do.

I can offer a clever alternative but there are licensing issues. You have a picture of Cosmo Kramer, dressed like a pimp in the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream-coat, coat being attacked by woman with her purse and underneath it says "cool it lady."

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