Red skies at night, sailors delight. hey, it's not only sailors, I delight in the beautiful splash of color that we get after a nasty thunderstorm passes over. We had quite a few huge lines of thunderstorms move over Connecticut yesterday, and you managed to capture some gorgeous moments.

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It wasn't just the explosion of colors, there was a double rainbow over Waterbury, and I even got a rainbow in Torrington. The photo that truly took my breath away is the first one you'll see below. It was shot by Peter Wagner. Thank you for sharing Peter. We asked through our social media for your photos of the fiery sky over Western Connecticut last night, and wow, it was a feast for the eyes.

Your Incredible Shots of Post-Thunderstorm Connecticut

Isn't it gorgeous when the daylight breaks through after a dense thunderstorm passes by? We go from dark and grey to explosions of color in an instant. Sometimes you capture that instant, and last night, quite a few of us did around the greater Danbury area. Take a look at these incredible photos you captured as last night's thunderstorm drifted away.

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