So you're having a baby? It's an exciting and stressful time.

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If you said yes, and you live in Connecticut, you're about to get a rare piece of good news, you're in the right place. Or, you're in the 6th best state in America for having a baby, according to Wallethub.

The folks at "the hub" examined a variety of determining factors that include: child-care centers per capita, pediatricians and family medicine physicians per capita, midwives, infant-mortality rate, average annual infant care cost, hospital delivery charges and hospital cesarean section charges. They also considered the opinions of experts in the field.

Who else was on the high-end of the list?

1 - Massachusetts

2 - Vermont

3 - Minnesota

4 -  New Hampshire

5 - Rhode Island

So, what is it that kept Connecticut out of the top 5? The answer is simple and it's a huge problem with living here, cost. The Constitution State was named the most expensive state for average annual infant care costs.

The Worst States to Have a Baby?

51 - South Carolina

50 - Alabama

49 - Mississippi

48 - Louisiana

47 - Georgia

Our neighbors in New York State were right where they normally are on lists like this, ranked at #16 in America.

Source: WalletHub

ADVICE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE: Have a baby, don't have a baby, whatever. BUT, you must weigh all the information heavily because things get real consequential, real fast. One minute you are watching Netflix with your lady, and the next minute you're chewing ice chips and being screamed at in a hospital room. That also is the easiest day of the many difficult days to come.

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