According to the NY Times, your worker bees are pretending to use the bathroom and binge watching their favorite TV shows on Netflix.

Netflix's new survey results say that 37% of their viewers admit to watching at work and 12% say that have done it in the bathroom.

We should add this to the list of reasons to go to a four day work week. People are in need of more down time is what I am hearing here. Give America that extra day and maybe they will stop stealing time. Either that, or they will still steal time and in that case, we will NEVER catch up to China.

I think this is a big misstep on the employees' part. Pretending to use "the can" sounds good on paper, but there are holes in this game. Like, what happens when you steal time in the bathroom to watch TV and then you have to use the bathroom the same day for emergencies? Your boss may insist that you go to the Gastroenterology expert. Now you're considered "SEÑOR POOPIE-PANTS" at work. No one wants to be THAT guy. Trust me, I know.

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