According to the NY Post, more and more New York City executives are using marijuana products. One Manhattan mom even admitted in the piece to blazing up while hosting a play date for her kid, saying:

One time, [a friend and I] smoked and then let our 4-year-olds paint my daughter’s play table with nontoxic paint . . . [Smoking pot] lets me be more creative and more in tune with my kids.

I'm not here to judge -- I have had my encounters with these products if you know what I'm talking about. The play date, however, might be a little much. You gotta keep that on the low.

I do talk to more and more people that are smoking weed, ingesting edibles, and vaping their faces off. The decriminalization across the country, paired with the stigma going away has people high as f--k.

What's scary is the people I would consider potheads never show any signs of being high. The "left-handed cigarette" has come a long way in my lifetime. The days of hiding in the woods with a nickel bag are over. People are on front street just rollin' up, lightin' up, smokin' up, INHALE, EXHALE.

I wonder what professions work best with chronic marijuana use? I bet being a toll booth employee works well, although you have to do math, so maybe not. Plus, the constant motion of the cars while you're standing still could really harsh your vibe.

I guess toke up America, no one seems to care anymore. So much so, that on our last episode of DJs in Cars Getting Coffee, Ethan and I spotted some stoner actually lighting up right on North Street in Danbury -- Check it out:

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