Sky lovers - this one's for you!

There's nothing I love more than seeing all of the cool stuff in the sky and getting those once-in-a-blue-moon (pun intended) opportunities. We got to witness a pretty cool eclipse in April and I get excited to see what else the sky will bring us next.

We are about to witness a Strawberry Moon and its coming this week. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, this Friday's Strawberry Moon will be the lowest full moon in many many years. Since the full moon will be low, you can expect to see it in full visibility with a reddish-orange tint to it.

Where does the name Strawberry Moon come from? According to the Farmer's Almanac, it got the name from multiple different Native American tribes who coincided June as the month that strawberries reached peak ripeness and were ready to be harvested. After that, the name stuck and it is still being called that to this day.

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The moon also happens to fall right around the summer solstace which is the longest day of the year. That so happens to be tomorrow - June 20 which is also the first official day of summer. We have a lot of great things coming our way this week. We have long, hot summer days and a beautiful Strawberry Moon to finish it off.

The Strawberry Moon should be at its peak around 9:10 PM. I know as of right now it doesn't seem like we will have the best weather on Friday, but let's see if we can still see the beautiful moon that will be right above us.

If you are able to see it, snap some pics. I would love to see what you saw!

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