I did not grow up in New Milford, but I lived here years ago and I do now. I think you will enjoy this list if you do.

  • You know how to get to Deed's Pizza
  • You have kayaked to the Big Y in a heavy rainstorm.
  • Family and friends from out of town don't bother visiting because there is no good way to get to you.
  • You get asked for loose change and cigarettes outside Archway.
  • Anytime you give someone directions, it involves a tank, a bridge and a railroad.
  • You know the most important thing to do before a softball game is to hit up the "packy."
  • There is 1 liquor store, tattoo parlor or Italian restaurant for every 100 people in your town.
  • There are 8 -10 Dunkin' Donuts within a 2 mile area in your town.
  • Owning a truck is a status symbol.
  • You spend time defending your town to people who just don't get it.
  • If a great summer night for you is taking a walk to the green to let the kids play in the gazebo and jump off the tank.
  • You saw Clarence Clemons at the Cookhouse when it was Riley's.
  • You know a trip from the Elephant's Trunk to Faith Church on a Sunday could take 25 mins.
  • You have put on nice clothes to attend an event at the Sports Arena.
  • You've passed a baseball field and smelled chicken bouillon.
  • Hearing a banjo means bad things are about to happen. (That does not necessarily mean what you think it does but New Milford people will get it)
  • You found a hobo sunning himself on your front lawn. (True story)
  • You have had a cop stop traffic for you to wobble across the street leaving Oktoberfest.
  • You know making a left into or out of the Taco Bell parking lot means taking your life in your own hands.
  • Your mouth starts to water when the Clamp's sign goes up.


Do you have any? We would love to hear them. Leave your comment here.


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