What do you do when a six-foot snake slithers under your car and wants to hug its engine?

You might call this going "above and beyond" the call of duty when an East Windsor police officer, with the help of a bystander, helped remove a snake that had wrapped itself around a vehicle's engine block according to the East Windsor Police Department's FB page.

According to police, the six-foot snake, quite possibly a Boa Constrictor, made its way under the vehicle and attached itself to the engine block. With the help of two brave individuals, the snake was removed from the underside of the vehicle unharmed, placed in a crate and transported to a wildlife farm.

So, what was a Boa Constrictor doing slithering out and about on July 4th? Great question! Police think it might have been someone's pet that escaped. A police department spokesperson said:

Not exactly the call we were expecting today.    

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