I sometimes make fun of the local reviews on Yelp, it amazes me that people are so unforgiving of a place when everyone is so short-staffed. But, sometimes, I agree with their choices, especially when it comes to the Best Donut in Connecticut for 2022.

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Yelp has just released their list of the Top 100 US Donut Shops for 2022, and landing exactly in the middle of their list at #51 is Waterbury's Brooklyn Baking Company, which is located in the Lombard Plaza, near the Aldi and Frankie's at 464 Reidville Drive. Yes, I've been to Neil's Donuts in Wallingford, and Dottie's in Woodbury, and Grounds in Danbury. Calling someplace 'The Best' is subjective, right? I've had donuts from all of those places, and honestly, hundreds more around Connecticut in my 53 fatty years. Brooklyn Bakery donuts are rightly placed on Yelp's list.

What makes the Brooklyn Bakery donut (And Neil's/Dottie's/Grounds, honestly) so good? Texture, and the skills of the people making them. Their products are so fresh, and the tastes are so crisp, clean, and true to what you're imagining a Boston cream will taste like. Everyone else in Waterbury already knows this, you can tell by the line that stretches all the way back to Golden Wok on weekend mornings.

Mrs. Large earned the Employee of the year title at Ulta when she brought dozens of Brooklyn Baking Co. donuts for her hungry co-workers. Funny, I always asked her to pick us up a few extra for our breakfast the next day, and she never did. Hmmm. Congrats Brooklyn Baking Co, keep it up.

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