If you're feeling a little neglected or alone, there's a woman in Connecticut who you may want to call.

Her name is Amy Grinnell and she's a trained "Cuddlist." So if you feel like you've been lacking a bit in the human contact department, and you have a few bucks to shell out, you might want to schedule a cuddling session.

Now it's not what you think - this is strictly platonic touching and that's the only way Amy will have it. Actually, she told ctpost.com that she has a pretty tough criteria for her clients:

First, they have to agree to the code of conduct, then we have a screening, a phone screening or an email screening, or both. We make sure that the client is on the same page. When we first meet the client, we discuss boundaries.

So now that you know where this is going, what can you expect from a "Cuddlist?"

Well, a typical session, which will set you back about $80, would start off with a little hand holding, then maybe some head touching and if your lucky, a little spooning. Amy, who's the only trained "Cuddlist" in Connecticut, put it all in perspective:

Our skin is pretty much our primary sense organ. People have said that touch is the ‘mother of all senses.’ Mental health and general well being and evolutionary survival has depended on us being interconnected.

So who are Amy's clients? As you would expect, most are men between the ages of 40 and 60, and most have had some type of issue with human contact.

The joy and wonder of touching another person is amazing and wonderful, there’s such a joy in helping people feel connected to society and the universe.

Now that you know all about what a "Cuddlist" does, how do you get in touch with Amy or any professional cuddler if your looking for a serious cuddling session? You can contact them through cuddlist.com 

Here are the co-founders of the business talking about how important cuddling is in our lives:

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