Have you ever had a paranormal experience or an interaction with a ghost?

The paranormal experts say that there are several legendary haunted hotels throughout Connecticut. The two that are closest to the greater Danbury area are the Curtis House Restaurant and Inn in Woodbury, and the Litchfield Inn in Litchfield.

Curtis House Inn - Google Instant Streetview
Curtis House Inn - Google Instant Streetview

The Curtis House - 506 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT

The Curtis House was actually featured on an episode of Hotel Hell, which aired on September 1, 2014 featuring celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey. I found the episode on YouTube where Curtis Inn owner, T.J. Brennan, said:

This inn is haunted. I would walk by a table and two minutes later, a plate would fly off that table. I went to light the fireplace, and it blew up on me and I got burned. There are spirits here.

Because I've never experienced a paranormal encounter, I remain skeptical when it comes to stories like these. I also found out about Joni Mayhan on the internet who's an author and paranormal investigator. On her website, there is an article titled, "Ghostly Pajama Party - My Night at the Curtis House Inn."  Is it fact or fiction? Who's to say, but it will scare the living crap out of you!

Let's check out another Connecticut Hotel that is said to be Haunted:

Litchfield Inn - Google Instant Streetview
Litchfield Inn - Google Instant Streetview

Litchfield Inn - 432 Bantam Road, Litchfield, CT

The legendary haunting story about the Litchfield Inn revolves around the ghost of a Native American women who wanders around the kitchen and dining room, according to hauntedplaces.org. Another source that claims the joint is haunted comes from a TripAdvisor review about her husband's stay at the Litchfield Inn.

She claims her husband stays there on a regular basis when on business. When he checks into his room, more often than not, there's a woman sitting on the bed, so he quickly closes the door and goes back downstairs to check-in to report that there's someone in his room. They tell him that's impossible, because the door is locked and there can't be anyone in that room. The husband goes back up to the same room, and of course, finds it empty.

My thoughts? I think he got wasted at the hotel bar and picked up a new friend who was waiting for him to get his groove on to the tune of $500. Your thoughts?

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