According to CBS News, an Old Bridge, NJ man will have to pay $3,000 dollars a day, for each day he keeps his XMAS display. Tom Appruzzi says he has been doing these displays for over a decade and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so. The display draws huge spectator crowds.

Neighbors say it's a safety concern with cars constantly blocking the street, making it hard for first responders to get in should they need to. The heavy foot traffic also demands a police presence. This prompted Appruzzi's neighbors to bring their concerns to the mayor.

Local officials sided with Appruzzi's neighbors and told him he will have to pay the $3,000 for each day the display is up. Appruzzi says he is NOT paying the fines and intends to keep the lights up because he "Loves Christmas."

This is an interesting case. On the one hand, it's Christmas season and this is a beautiful display. On the other hand, if you live in this neighborhood, it's a headache every day trying to get to your house and you have strangers wandering through your neighborhood. I couldn't decide what side of this issue I want to be on, so I tracked down Tom Appruzzi and we spoke to the man behind the display this morning. Here's how that went:

Here's are a couple videos of Tom's light display that further explain his situation:


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