I hear it on Federal Road all day. Tap-tap-tap-tap.......tap-tap-tap-tap...etc. You would think that we have loud music cranking inside a radio station, but all I can hear while I'm working today is a woodpecker drumming and drilling it's way into our building here in Brookfield.

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It's not good, woodpeckers can do a serious number on your house in as little as an hour or so. Look at the photo above, that's our building. There are at least 50 inch-sized holes in a few different areas. According to the State of Connecticut, this is happening because Springtime is the most active time for woodpeckers to breed and claim their territory. Male woodpeckers claim their territory by 'drumming' - lightly tapping on resonant surfaces, like a hollow tree. The trouble we face is when a woodpecker notices that he's drumming on a weak surface, then drumming could morph into drilling. Drilling is more common in Fall, as the weather gets colder, but our building is delicious.

Woodpeckers can go after your window frames, natural dark, unstained cedar, redwood, pine, fir, and stucco-sided homes too. If they make it in, you might have a permanent roost.

What can you do to stop this damage? Frighten them with loud noises. I can't tell you how many times I've stood up, kicked or punched the outdoor wall where the noise was coming from, and it stopped. If that doesn't work, or you're sick of punching walls, The State of Connecticut suggests stringing some flash or bird tape near the damage, a balloon, wind sock, or an old compact disc may work too. Adding a feeder or suet nearby, drawing them away from your structure may work, but you're better off taking down any dead trees close to your place. If all else fails, contact the DEEP's Wildlife Division at 860-424-3011, they may be able to guide you to more permanent solutions.

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