The website,, which is all about the best food and drink across the U.S.A. has just named the Top 33 Best Donut Shops Across America and Woodbury CT makes this year's list!

Can we get a "Hell Yeah" for Dotties Diner in Woodbury which made the Top 33.


Breakfast at a Connecticut classic that has some of the nation's best doughnuts

Posted by Marty Brennan on Sunday, June 22, 2014 says:

"Dottie Sperry's cake-esque creations are now famous in the state of Connecticut and beyond. Made from scratch, each donut is a work of high art made even more impressive by the fact that the diner serves all the other meals as well." 

Congrats Dottie's! Do you guys deliver?


From the "Doughnut Vault" in Chicago to "Glam Doll Donuts" in Minneapolis, Dottie's Diner was one of the three East Coast donut shops that made's list. The other two were "Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shoppe," in Brooklyn and "Union Square Donuts" in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Just an observation, do we need bacon on top of a donut?

"Nord's Bakery" in Louisville, Kentucky makes a donut called the "Maple Bacon Long John."

Why is there an excessive need in America to place bacon on every single morsel of food we eat? I guess I'm just one of those old fashioned guys who doesn't believe in mixing meat with the awesome beauty of a sugary sweet donut. Go figure!

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