Police say a woman has been charged after confessing to starting a fire at a condo complex in New Milford.

According to the Republican American, 47-year-old Monique Cook-Lino of Bronx, NY turned herself in and told police that that on Valentine's Day, she used one of her child's sippy cups to pour gasoline on a paper bag before setting fire to it inside of the Bel Air condominium complex. Apparently, the fire was set on the third floor, where her husband reportedly lives with his girlfriend.

During the confession, Cook-Lino allegedly described some disputes she had been recently having with the couple, and said that those problems were the reason for starting the fire. She also reportedly said that she initially contemplated confronting her husband and his girlfriend once the fire was set, but then decided against it because she had no interest in getting in trouble with the law.

CT Post reports that at the time of the incident, officials were able to determine immediately that the fire, which caused $30,000 in damages, was set intentionally.

New Milford detectives say they were able to track Cook-Lino down at her residence in the Bronx through a thorough investigation, witness statements and the help of Connecticut State Police and Fire Marshals.

Monique Cook-Lino was arraigned in Torrington Superior Court on Tuesday.

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