According to CBS News a Spirit Airlines flight headed to Minneapolis from Houston made an emergency landing on Monday. The emergency landing was due to a passenger who needed immediate medical attention.

When the plane touched down in Rochester, MN witnesses say a female passenger demanded to be let off the plane. When she was denied her request this is when she allegedly went on an angry tirade.

Call this exhibit 1,234,657 why I am no fan of flying. The idea that one person's bad day could easily become mine is not something that makes me happy. When I see a video like this I start thinking how I would react.

The video you just saw was obviously edited down from it's long form and even the edited version went on for too long. It makes me think at what point to I need to get involved? It's completely clear to me that the airline had no answers on how to control the situation.

What I also find striking is that none of what she is shouting at the top of her lungs has one thing to do with not being let off the plane. In other words, she got off topic in a hurry and that is never a good sign.

You don't wanna mess with "off topic" shouter. Literally any inconvenience this woman encountered that day was going to be her tipping point. People like that are everywhere and it's why I like being home.

Being off topic is also how I lose literally every debate with my wife. I make the mistake of saying ONE thing that sounds good in my head but has nothing to do with what we are talking about and I get buried.

Lessons to be learned here:

  • There is no protocol that anyone could have come up with to deal with this situation.
  • Swear beep sound effects ruin the entertainment of watching someone else go off a video of this kind.
  • Being off topic too fast means you are wrong.
  • Air travel is "the pits."

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