The bill that would've allowed wine sales in CT grocery stores has failed because of inaction according to WFSB.

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42 other states allow wine sales in grocery stores and I'm glad we're holding out. The argument to me was really simple, it was convenience versus small businesses and I'm with the little guy. This was all about BIG GROCERY trying to grab every last penny the market will allow.

Red wine

Go look at your receipts for the month and tell me if you think Costco, BJ's, Big Y and Trader Joe's deserve any more of your personal money? They get plenty of dough, they don't need to strangle the life out of little booze. One day, the grocery giants will grease enough palms to get wine in CT grocery stores and then all of our charming little package stores will be gone. NOT TODAY SATAN!

At what point are we placing too much emphasis on convenience? I think we're past that point, by a lot. We can use our legs and walk one-door over to get to the liquor store, it won't kill us.


"They" want us fat, slow and happy, just as long as we can swipe our card. If we keep allowing small businesses die, we're in deep s---. I've heard how Amazon treats their employees, I'm in no rush to work there. But if we keep choosing convenience over everything else, we're ALL doomed to work there.

We talked about this on the Wednesday edition of the I-95 Morning Show, listen below.

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Photo: Aurora Photography

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