Allan Darrow is from New Milford, and why would he be insane enough to run 100 miles?

There are millions of people all over the world who find time in their life to make the world a better place for others. When you factor in a good friend who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Allan Darrow from New Milford saw that as an incentive to run 100 miles.

Darrow's friend is Sean Quigg, who's only 23 years old and suffers from DMD which is a genetic disorder which causes progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. According to the NewsTimes, Quigg established 'Spaghetti Arms' in 2011 to raise awareness and money to help find a cure for muscular dystrophy. Darrow told the NewsTimes,

"I was honored to go out and beat the hell out my legs for this charity and my friend. There was no way I would have run 100 miles without that purpose."

The race was called the 'C&O Canal 100." Darrow had run a marathon before but nothing like this. He even hired a professional running coach to help with his training. The race has a 30 hour deadline, which means if you don't finish the 100 miles in 30 hours, you're disqualified, but Allan Darrow did it with 3 minutes to spare.

The lifespan of someone with DMD used to be not much beyond their teen years. Thanks to money raised for research in cardiac and respiratory care, DMD patients are attending college, starting careers, and some have even married and started families, and it's all because of incredible people like Allan Darrow from New Milford and the amazing Jerry Lewis and his MDA Telethons.

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