I think they can win it all, I don't know that they will. It remains to be seen. This is the window though Mets fans. The next two seasons are really the sweet spot for the Mets to win the World Series. The Mets have Noah Syndergaard, Jacob Degrom and Matt Harvey as your 1,2,3 punch. Then Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler put together make up a great 4th starter. Familia and Reed give you a decent bullpen. You have Cespedes with the big bat.

This team has all the key elements to win a lot of games this season, win the division and make noise in the playoffs. It's all a matter of whether they execute and live up to the hype. The journey starts today at 1pm when Thor takes the mound at Citi Field to kick off the season. Good luck Met fans.

P.S. You better win one in the next two years because the Baby Bombers are on the rise and the Yankees are coming to reclaim NYC about two years from now. Go Yankees. 

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