You can't escape the news, just like you won't be able to escape the pungent smell of skunky buds getting roasted up around the Northeast today. The sale of recreational marijuana has commenced in Northampton and Leicester, Massachusetts.

This is great news for the poor souls that don't have that special friend of a friend here in the Nutmeg state. Northampton is a straight shot up I-91, and I've been to the area where NETA has just opened up, it's right off of Exit 18, very convenient. The other shop that opened up today, Cultivate in Leicester, is right outside of Worcester, not far from the Mass Pike and I-84.

According to Fox 61, incoming CT Governor Ned Lamont supports legalizing the cheeba, and he expects it to be addressed during the new legislative session that starts in January around the time he takes office.

I can only imagine how things are going to play out over the next couple of months as the wave of legal herb ripples outward. Canada recently went full-legal, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts are all recreational states now. We can only lose so many tax dollars to our neighbors, and endure the idea of tolls going back up in out state, before something has to give.

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