300,000 gun permit holders are still fuming about the 2013 law which expanded Connecticut's assault weapon ban according to WTIC talk radio.

Gun control advocates would like to see even more gun control measures put into place. Connecticut Citizens Defense League President, Scott Wilson calls Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton the "worst nominee for gun owners in the Republican Party." Wilson went to say,

"There are a lot of concerns there in the minds of gun owners about how or what Mayor Boughton would do if he's elected. He told us that if elected, he will not hurt gun owners."

Assault Weapons Ban Expires
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The Democratic Party's endorsed candidate, Ned Lamont says he knows what he stands for and that's banning so-called ghost guns which are guns without serial numbers which can make them untraceable.

Boughton said he would not support any erosion of gun rights because he doesn't think we need any more gun laws. This is what Boughton told the Associated Press:

I think gun violence and youth violence is a big deal and I think that's going to have a very robust discussion. I think that's where the discussion needs to go.

So, do you think gun control will play an important role in the Connecticut governor's race? I think you know the answer to that question.

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