What would you say to having Halloween exclusively on a Saturday? If that's something that sounds good to you, and you live in Connecticut, then you might be in luck.

Halloween and Trick or Treating, it's been happening on October 31st since forever, but that could all change if some Connecticut law makers have their say.

State legislators are examining a bill that could change the way we look at, and the way we celebrate Halloween. The bill itself would change Halloween celebrations, and trick or treating by designating the last Saturday in October as "Trick or Treat Day."

What the bill would entail would be to allow all local municipalities in the state to observe Halloween on the last Saturday in October, instead of whenever October 31 falls each year.

So far, the idea has had a positive spin with parents, according to nbcconnecticut.com, some parents said they thought it was a great idea and would be less stressful than observing Halloween on a school night.

It's also easier for parents who work and have to come home to the kids knocking at the door all night looking for treats, plus many times Halloween falls on a school night which makes things extra difficult for parents and their kids. One other Connecticut parent summed it up best:

They’re dealing with a lot of stresses growing up. Now they’re dealing with weapons and being afraid for their lives. That’s just completely wrong.

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