It was just supposed to be an inch or two of snow, that's what we were told, but it turned into a nightmare with some areas getting up to 7 to 9 inches. So what happened that made the commute so bad?

Social media was exploding with people who were stranded on local roadways for upwards of 8 hours. Police reported getting hundreds of 911 calls since the snow first started around 4:30 pm  While everyone was pointing fingers at municipalities for a lack of response, there were other factors at work that made this storm so hard to navigate.

First off, the timing of the storm, it began just prior to the afternoon commute, that along with the fast rate of snow accumulation caused cars and trucks to slip and slide leading to a large number of accidents, which is the main reason plows and crews couldn't get through to clear the roads.

DOT says that the volume of traffic accidents and congestion from commuters hitting the roads at quitting time made it impossible to get the plows and sanders through to keep up with the snowfall. Because plows were caught in traffic, they couldn't clear the roadways fast enough, and that led to more accumulation on the roadways and more problems. The worse the conditions got, the more congested the roads got, and things quickly spiraled out of control.

It's not that the storm only hit one area or region. Roads all over the place from the Hudson Valley all the way to Hartford were affected at the same time.The storm was just too fast, and with the mess and all the cars on the road, crews just couldn't do their job.

Fortunately, the storm let up a bit, and during the overnight, plows and sanders were out in full force, clearing things up for the morning commute.

Here are just some of the horror stories from our listeners shared on our Facebook page:

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