Now while I laughed out loud I also recognize this is the kind of thing that just does not fly anymore. It's especially a not cool thing to say in super liberal Hollywood. All of that being true, he seems to have gotten away with it.

When I say it did not get a lot of of media play that is not to say it got none but usually this type of thing becomes a much bigger thing and goes on and on. They talked about it on TMZ but who the hell has the time to care what they say?

I mean this is a Hollywood person making what is considered a gay slur about an openly gay celebrity in his own right. Normally this conversation would go on until the end of time.

DISCLAIMER - I am not homophobic, I do not care what a person's sexuality, race, religion or gender is. I am just a mental 13 year old who read the words "butt plug" on Twitter so I laughed. 

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