I'm a CPAP user, and I've seen the warning on everything ever printed about how to use one of those life-saving devices - USE DISTILLED WATER ONLY. Never use tap or bottled in your CPAP has been drilled into my fully-masked face. Well, the latest supply issue that I've noticed in Connecticut is distilled water, why is it sold out everywhere?

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Over the past three weeks, I've shopped at supermarkets in Waterbury, Watertown, New Milford, and Torrington. I've gone into CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Dollar Generals in Bantam, Brookfield, Woodbury, and Litchfield, not a gallon in sight. Last night, my wife stopped at the LaBonne's Market in Salisbury, and found my precious, my unicorn, the last gallon of distilled water in Western Connecticut.

I've asked employees what the issue was, and most just blindly pointed me to the water aisle. "We had some, must be all gone". There's a big difference between distilled, filtered, spring, and natural water. Distilled water is extra special, it differs from all others, it's the purest water possible. The distilling process eliminates all bacteria, chemicals, and minerals. Minerals are what's bad for CPAP users, that Limescale build-up can clog the machine. Spring water is especially bad for CPAP users because Spring water is naturally filtered by rocks and sand, which drastically increases minerals that can clog.

I've been guilty of using tap water over the years, and I've seen the consequences of Limescale build-up. I also have paranoia because I spent years attached to one of the now-recalled Phillips CPAP devices.

What are the most common uses for distilled water besides CPAP's and other medical devices? Drinking, steam irons, aquariums, car cooling systems, hydroponic farming and food processing, and the most interesting one I found? Making coffee. Is that it? Did Dunkin' corner the market in distilled water too?

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