August 22, 2007 was show #1 of many to come. It was the first time Ethan and I would do a radio show together on the Home of Rock and Roll, I-95.

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It's been over 15 years since that show took place, and a lot has happened since then. We've had thousands of guests, broadcast from exotic locations, we laughed, we cried and we fought. More important than all of that, we've made tons of friends. Other shows call these people "their listeners" but Ethan and I made friends, and a lot of them.

When the actual 15 year anniversary hit, on August 22, 2022, we mentioned it on the air and moved on. But we need, deserve and want a night, to look back and appreciate what we've done and have a drink with "our friends."

We are doing it this Friday night September 23rd, at the legendary Golden Leaf in Brookfield. The Golden Leaf is special place for the folks at I-95. First off, it's right next door from the radio station.

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We've also spent many a snowy nights stuck in the bar with friends waiting out a snowstorm. The place is unique, has survived down economies, pandemics and a dead strip of Brookfield road. "The Leaf" is legend and it fits the personality of our show.

We're not doing any ballroom dancing, we're not showing off, we're not eating, we're not wearing L.L. Bean shoes, we are drinking and singing karaoke. Come join us, we're going to pack this place out and celebrate a decade and a half of laughter.


Not only are we looking back at the many years of fun, but we're also going to look forward to a new era with our newest team member, Large Dave. Dave has told me, he will show up to greet the fans and get to know some of our people.


I don't want to make too many surprises about the evening, except to say, it's gonna be fun, there will be fire, we will stretch, we will do karaoke and we will do "foot-only" karate.

Join us this Friday, September 23rd at 8 pm. Don't ever say I didn't ask you to have a drink with me.

This is our time down here. #shaveyebush 

P.S. A lot of people ask me how my wife "does it." Meaning, how does she deal with me? You can ask her on Friday, she'll be there too.

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