When the Jets fired their General Manager Mike Maccagnan just weeks after the draft, the circus was officially in town. Sure, teams fire G.M.'s all the time but almost never during the time period after the draft. In Maccagnan's place for the moment is Jets Head Coach Adam Gase. Gase, continues to get jobs despite being a sub par coach for his career so why not make him the coach and GM?

Now the Jets say they are searching for a real G.M. and ready to take the interim tag away from Adam Gase. Who are some of the candidates?

  • Seahwaks Co-Director of Player Personnel Scott Fitterer
  • Bears Assistant Director of Player Personnel Champ Kelly
  • Eagles VP of Player Personnel Joe Douglas

The Jets interviewed Fitterer yesterday and the other two are well known candidates for the job. Those, I guess are options but why go safe and hire a rising star in player assessment/development? Just be you, be the Jets we know and love, do weird, nonsensical things that will hurt the team long term.

My suggestions for G.M.:

  • John Daly, he's fun and kinda played a sport.
  • Boomer Esiason, N.Y. fans love nothing more than hiring guys that used to play for their teams whether they are qualified or not.
  • Michael Scott, sure he's a fictional character but that character embodies the spirit of what the Jets organization is all about.
  • Bugs Bunny

If those four are not available, the next, most hilarious choice is right in front of your face. It's your Head Coach and interim G.M. Adam Gase. All he's done for his career is be an OK coach, been given opportunities he does not deserve, acts weird, gets defensive and has alienated so many of the people he has worked with. If the Jets wanna keep their reputation as a joke intact, go for the big laugh.


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