Connecticut had it's own share of animal drama this weekend.

Sure this whole drama and internet sensation over waiting and watching April the giraffe give birth occupied an overwhelming amount of people over the past few months. I was not one of them however. That said, I sure do love a feel good animal story, so here's what you missed on Saturday while April was busy giving birth to her fourth baby.

According to Hartford firefighters came to a Canadian Goose's rescue in Bushnell Park on Saturday April 15. I'll admit that April the giraffe did push out a new born on Saturday, but hey she's been hanging out pregnant for 15 months with us staring at her. Ho - hum!

The City of Hartford firefighters posted this on their Facebook page:

So even though an estimated 750 thousand people watched the long awaited birth of April's calf via the internet, an equally important miracle was happening in Connecticut.

Hats off to all companies involved in saving the goose's life. Even though nobody's asking, I've decided a great name for the rescued goose would be -  April Too.

Speaking of firefighters, please take a look at this.

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