According to the NY Post, Stormy Daniels made reference to the Mario Kart character Toad when describing Donald Trump's "manhood." The claim is from an excerpt from her upcoming book Full Disclosure.

I don't care what Stormy Daniels has to say and I don't want to know what the President's junk looks like. What I do want to know is this: if you or a friend were to describe your most private of parts, what video game character would it be? Donkey Kong? Q-Bert? Earthworm Jim? We took calls from listeners this morning and here's what characters they used to desribe themselves"


  • This is what you choose to write about?
  • Who Cares?
  • Snowflake
  • Fake News

You could choose to go that route and become internet white noise or just be a grown up and play this 5th grade game. Meditate on that.

P.S. - I eagerly await the inevitable twitter response from POTUS on this "junk" insult. It will be the stuff of legend.

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