You learn something new every day. I love that about life. Today I learned something that confirmed what I've been feeling lately, which is damn, New Milford is a BIG town. It's not just a big town, it's the largest in all of Connecticut when it comes to square mileage.

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I've noticed that New Milford takes up most of my commute between Torrington and Brookfield along Rt. 202. It's all New Milford. During an interview this morning with New Milford's Mayor Pete Bass, he said "We (New Milford) are the largest land-mass town in the state." Huh? It struck me. I always thought Bridgeport, Waterbury, Danbury, even Hartford was Connecticut's largest. In population, yes, but those pale in comparison in actual size to New Milford's 63.7 square miles. The second largest town in Connecticut also surprised me, Woodstock comes in just over 60 sq. mi.

Litchfield County is also the largest County in Connecticut when it comes to land area, with almost 200 more square miles of land than #2 Hartford County. New Milford's the King of Litchfield County and overall Connecticut land mass, but there are some nearby neighbors that add up to Litchfield County's victory. Sharon is the third largest town in Connecticut with 58.70 sq. mi., Salisbury comes in at number five with 57.32 sq. mi., and the County seat of Litchfield comes in as the seventh largest town in Connecticut at 56.06 sq. mi.

So that's why it takes forever to get from the 202 Tavern to the highway portion of Rt. 7. It's all New Milford, be proud of that bragging right

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